Can a Lost Natural Tooth be Saved?

The primary goal of your dentist is to preserve your natural teeth. Although there are both temporary and permanent solutions for lost natural teeth, such as dentures and dental implants, the best option is always to have your own natural teeth. If you lose a natural tooth for any reason, yourdentist in Cocoa, FL, may be able to save it, depending upon the circumstances.

Take Immediate Action

Don’t waste even a second if one of your natural teeth has fallen out. Timely action is crucial. First, place the lost tooth in a closed, sterile container. If you have milk, immerse the tooth in the milk. Milk contains calcium and may help preserve the tooth until you visit the dentist.

Ask For Emergency Dental Services

Contact your dentist for emergency dental services in Cocoa, FL. Tell the receptionist exactly what happened and why you need an emergency dental visit. Then, head straight to the dentist with the lost tooth.

Treatment For a Lost Tooth

At the dentist, there are several treatment options available. Your dentist will choose the one that is the best choice for your circumstances. This may include:


This is a process where the dentist carefully places the tooth back in its socket, and its success depends on how swiftly you get to the dentist, as well as the condition of the tooth. After reimplantation, your dentist may need to perform other treatments so the tooth doesn’t fall out again.

Dental Bridge

If your natural tooth can’t be reimplanted, the dentist may use it to form a dental bridge, where the adjacent teeth hold the lost tooth in place with a prosthetic. This provides a natural-looking and immediate solution.

If you lose a tooth, contact us immediately to come in for emergency dental treatment. The sooner you get here, the better the chances of saving your lost tooth.

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