How Sedation Dentistry Works for Different Age Groups

When people look intosedation dentistry in Cocoa, FL, and what it entails, they might find a lot of general information about the procedures. However, most of what you’ll find will speak in generalities, and people might understandably be more confused about it after researching than before they started. If you want to learn more about how this branch of dentistry works for different kinds of patients, we’ll look at how it’s divided based on age groups.

Sedation Dentistry by Age 

Sedation dentistry will be different for patients based on everything from their medical history to their temperament. However, most dentists will adhere to a few rules based on the age of their patients:

  • Kids: Dentists will only use deep sedation or general anesthesia if they absolutely need to. Unless it’s a complex procedure or the child is extremely afraid of the dentist, dentists will choose nitrous oxide or oral medication if needed.
  • Teenagers: Teenagers will have their dosages adjusted for either nitrous oxide or oral anesthesia. If they’re open to an injection, they may be offered a sedative that ensures they’re relaxed but conscious during the procedure.
  • Adults: Adults are typically given a more extensive array of options, which can include anything from oral medications to IV sedation.

Dental Phobias in Cocoa, FL

There are lots of people who are afraid of thedentist in Cocoa, FL, and these fears can manifest in any number of ways. Sedation dentistry doesn’t just reduce the amount of pain that people might feel during a procedure; it can help them cope with treatments that they might have otherwise put off or avoided altogether. If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits for you or a loved one, the staff at PSJ Dental Care can explain more.

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